People love to categorize things. It helps us feel safe. "Danger / Not Danger." "Athletic / Not Athletic." "Good Reader / Not Good Reader." "Artistic / Not Artistic." Oddly enough, we especially love to do this with children. I often hear from people, "I'd love to do what you do, but I can't draw! I'm the worst artist."

Most likely, when someone says this, they were either explicitly or implicitly told this by an adult when they were little, but it's not true. Each one of us is born with the desire to communicate our visions to others, and the instinct to explore our experiences and ideas through drawing. We can let go of the "I can't draw" story. It does not serve us. Remembering our love for drawing does.

In the workplace, Graphic Recording is a powerful collaboration and capture tool.

... and guess what.

You can learn it, too.

I just wanted to let you know that the [Graphic Recording] training you provided has been invaluable to me. I won the 1st Place Social Media Award at the 12th Annual Women’s Leadership Conference at the University of Minnesota last Friday due to my scribing skills and especially, your training! I cannot express how thankful I am for all that you taught us!

Believe it or not, remembering our love for drawing is an act of

I teach Graphic Recording to all different types of groups, from kids to teachers to professional teams. Usually an introductory workshop is 6 hours with periodic followup checkins, but this can be adapted to a variety of needs.

Reach out to learn more and check availability.

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